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How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest in how you can help us and the Haitian people! We do accept teams and individuals for just about any length of time. We have nearly finished rebuilding all of our facilities but still have some special projects needing work.

In addition to our Construction needs, we are always in need of medical personnel, medical supplies and other medically and surgically related resources. We always appreciate donations to the work.  The easiest way to do so is through a financial contribution which can be made online via PayPal or by check to HHM PO Box 175, Girard, KS 66743.  When teams are traveling down we have a list of supplies that we always need that can be purchased and carried down in suitcases.  Unfortunately, mailing supplies to Haiti doesn’t work well and our home office has no warehouse in which to store items.  It is best to carry them down or request an address of someone coming down in the near future.

List of Needs:

  • Medical Personnel – we always need health care providers as we turn away patients daily due to a lack of sufficient workers.
  • Pharmacy educator– we would love to have a pharmacist or pharmacy technician to come for 6 months to help us better educate our national workers and improve services.
  • Sonographer – we would love to have a full time missionary sonographer to help.
  • Poor Funds – money designated to pay for the medications and supplies of those who cannot afford them. NO ONE is turned away due to inability to pay. Consequently, there is a deficit of several thousand dollars monthly to help meet the need.
  • Supplies you can carry in with you when you come:  bandaids (especially 2×4″), ACE non adhesive elastic bandages (2,3,4,6″), ReliOn glucose strips (Confirm, Micro, Ultima) from Walmart, pens, cotton balls, alcohol wipes, lancets, small medication baggies, non absorbable suture (4,5,6-0), absorbable suture (4-0), betadine swabs, scalpel blades (11,15), zinc oxide rolled gauze (unna boots), transpore medical tape, surgical towels, chux, menstrual pads, gauze (sterile or non),