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Dr. James Wilkins

Dr. James Wilkins

Dr. James Wilkins

Jim and Sandy Wilkins have both professed faith in Christ since their teen years. They met and married at Kansas University where they received early training in Christianity. Their first medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic was shortly after their marriage for a delayed honeymoon. Jim graduated from medical school and Sandy from nursing school and they lived in Kansas City during his residency in family practice.

After residency he joined a Christian medical family practice in Girard, Kansas.  There they had four children and a busy schedule for about 20 years.  They had always had an interest in foreign missions. When their children were older, they once again became involved in short-term missions. On a trip to the Dominican Republic they were on the border of Haiti and treated many Haitians during that time. Both Sandy and Jim independently of each other believed God was leading them to serve in Haiti.

In February, 1999 they arrived in Haiti with their two younger children, Ben and Amanda. They served at Hopital Lumiere in the mountains of southern Haiti for 7 ½ years.

In January 2006, Jim and Sandy felt led by the Lord to start a new medical work in Haiti. After much prayer they decided God was leading them to Christianville medical clinic, a small clinic just outside Port-au-Prince. The clinic grew and expanded their services until the earthquake of 2010 struck destroying the facility. Haiti Health Ministries then purchased land for a larger facility that would have room to expand into community health evangelism.

Their four children have grown and married and they now have a growing number of grandchildren.


In addition to his family practice training, Dr. Wilkins has taken advanced training in abdominal and obstetrical sonography and echocardiography. He uses his skills to diagnose soft tissue problems in the abdomen involving the kidneys, liver, intestines, uterus, ovaries, pancreas, and other organs. He sees a large number of obstetrical cases determining correct dates for delivery, twins, congenital anomalies, and potential placental problems. Although not proficient in doing echocardiograms, he uses his Sonosite machine to help him diagnose heart disease, getting a general idea of what problems are occurring in patients with congestive heart failure, abnormal valvular disease, or holes between the chambers of the heart. These abilities greatly help in determining the need for treatment or admission to a hospital.

Radiology and electrocardiography

Dr. Wilkins also does the vast majority of reading the X-rays. Our digital X-ray is used primarily for heart and lung imaging as well as fracture diagnosis on limbs. We see a number of patients with heart problems like congestive failure as well as lung diseases such as pneumonia, abnormal fluid in the lungs,and tuberculosis, that are diagnosed by X-ray. He also reads our electrocardiograms which help us diagnose heart electrical conduction problems that can result in irregular heart rhythms.