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Mar 10

End of Year – 2015

End of Year – 2015

Dear faithful supporters,

It is once again the start of a New Year and Haiti Health Ministries is flourishing thanks to God’s continued protection and sovereign control. We continue to praise His wonderful mercies in spite of the many difficulties ministry in Haiti presents.

HHM outdid itself in the numbers department, seeing 29,181 patients over the last 12 months. And while our missionaries have a desire to treat the infirmed, they are most passionate about spreading the gospel of salvation through Jesus. Our staff clearly presents the gospel message to our patients each morning, and despite a growing number of return patients, led 36 individuals to Christ and referred them to a local church for discipleship. An increased emphasis on personal evangelism has encouraged our staff in their witness to individual patients as well.

We continue to offer care at a severely discounted rate (free to those without means) and due to an ever-growing population of insulin-dependent diabetics we are currently operating at a deficit of $5,500 (US dollars) per month. These medications are truly lifesaving and to our knowledge, we are the ONLY clinic in Haiti providing this expensive medication for free.

We feel extremely blessed by our beautiful new compound, the fruits of your generous support. Our new guesthouse has become a ministry in and of itself, housing 34 short-term groups, totaling  120 volunteers. These individuals selflessly gave of their time and finances to assist in the clinic, construct our buildings, witness to our patients, and encourage our missionaries on the ground. We were especially uplifted by Matasha Pecht, Aleece Diaz, and Hallea Geiger for their longer commitment (1 month or longer) in our critical care nursing needs.

Marie Daly, our family practice nurse practitioner completed her 2 year commitment and will be greatly missed by our full time staff and patients. Sally Todd, our pediatric nurse practitioner, has begun working part-time as well so HHM is actively recruiting physicians and physician-extenders to fill our current gap in medical providers.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with World Medical Missions, the medical branch of Samaritan’s Purse. We hope this will assist in our recruitment efforts.

One beautiful answer to prayer is the healthy arrival of Jaiden Philogen. Jen and Jean Jean have been faithful ministers with HHM for years and we are thrilled to welcome Jaiden to our family. Jean continues to assist Sandy in the clinic and Jen acts as Jim’s “right hand woman” seeing our wound care and OB patients in addition to managing the guesthouse.

Ed and Pat Gilsbach have settled in and Ed promptly finished the guesthouse kitchen/dining pavilion in addition to his own house and septic.  A new latrine and hand washing station will be next on his “to do” list along with an incinerator for biohazardous waste. Pat has taken on some of Sandy’s many duties, allowing her some occasional down time and a stabilizing presence when the Wilkins’ are out of town.

We continue to ask for your prayer in the matter of land ownership. Property acquisition in Haiti is complicated and deeds are often subject to corrupt government officiating. Our lawyer continues to be in discussion with the family disputing our ownership.

Sally Todd spear-headed our first special needs health fair in September, building assistive devices enabling disabled children to sit, stand, and walk on their own, many for the first time. We appreciate teams from Reach Global and LakePointe Church in Texas making this exciting project possible. Sally continues to supervise our malnutrition program and is pleased to report improvements in pediatric ane-mia due to free multivitamins via Vitamin Angels.

As David cried out in prayer, “I call upon You, for You will answer me, God. Listen closely to me and hear my prayer. Show for Your gracious love, save those who take refuge in You from those who rebel against Your sovereign power. Protect me as the most precious part of Your eye; hide me under the shadow of Your wings,” we also cry out for Jesus’ unfailing protection and guidance. Thank you for your continued financial and prayer support. Join us in praising the God through whom all things are possible in this hopeful New Year!

Yours in Christ,

Haiti Health Ministries Board of Directors.


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