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Jan 1

Fund A Room Campaign

Fund A Room Campaign

As we look towards the New Year, we are grateful for the continued generosity of our faithful donors and friends. Construction persists and we are pleased to announce the completion of several buildings on our new Haiti Health Ministries Campus. The work is far from done. The foundations of the clinic are being laid as we speak and as you walk into 2013, we ask you to consider expanding your current giving.

We estimate the completed clinic building to cost an additional $315,000 and implore you and your church family to consider joining us in our six month Fun-A-Room campaign. Will you pray, petition your church, and pledge a room to the future clinic this year? Just $2 a day for a group of 50 persons over the next 6 months will fund one of our provider exam rooms. For a congregation of 100, just $8.33 per week per individual would fund our procedure room or intensive care/IV room.

Please pray, look past the numbers, and join us in 2013 as part of our Messiah’s plan for the people of Haiti. We continue to covet your prayers and thank you again for your faithful financial gifts to our ministry.

The HHM Board

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