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General Medical Care
Dec 29

General Medical Care

General Medical Care

     The HHM clinic has 2 Haitian physicians as well as an expatriate family practitioner, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and prenatal/wound care consultant who do direct patient care.  Dr. James Wilkins is our medical director in charge of the medical staff.  They have continuing education daily in the form of conferences over common or uncommon medical conditions that are seen or specific cases they have handled during the previous week.

     The most common conditions that we see include hypertension, diabetes, prenatal care, gastroesophageal reflux disease, malnutrition, and musculoskeletal complaints.  Some infectious diseases we treat are malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis.

Minor Surgery

The medical staff perform minor surgical procedures when necessary and as time permits.  The most common procedures are incision and drainage of abscesses.  Small lacerations are cleaned out and repaired as well.  Dr. Wilkins does breast, cervical, lymph node, skin and endometrial biopsies under local anesthetic.  These procedures are essential to accurately diagnose and treat various conditions.  We collaborate with International Pathology Services in Michigan in the reading of the biopsies to offer high quality diagnosis to our patients free.  These results are then used to refer our patients to surgical facilities that can hopefully treat or cure the conditions they have.   We also treat simple fractures with splints and casting as indicated by our digital X-ray

Prenatal Care

Our prenatal Jennifer Rogan Philogene sees most of our prenatal patients.  She consults with Dr. Wilkins on complicated obstetrical cases that suffer from diabetes, preeclampsia, and other problems suffered during pregnancy.  Sonography is done by Dr. Wilkins to determine accurate dates as well as potential problems prior to birth.  In addition to routine check ups the patients are given education to help them through the pregnancy, labor, delivery and post term periods.   Jenn refers our patients when they near delivery to a nearby hospital where they can receive good care.  Most return to us after delivery for care of their infants as well.