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Feb 18

Progress & Support

Progress & Support

Returning from Christmas vacation and re-opening the clinic was a very busy time. We had several teams help us with many different projects. Here is a recap:

On January 17, Larry Bickel, Garry Lubbers, and Dr. Eliezer Veguilla arrived to do a vision trip for future groups. Dr. Eli from Florida, worked in the clinic. Pastor Larry and Garry, from Texas, worked construction while also meeting with some to understand the various aspects of ministry in this area. They also traveled to Port au Prince to meet with a Baptist group to see about work there.

At the same time we had relatives of Sally Todd: Marion Baker (mother), Patty and Ron Dykstra (sister and her husband), Lou and Alice Dystra (Ron’s brother and his wife). Ron and Lou spent their time doing construction tasks including making trusses for Jenn’s house and forms for concrete structures and furniture. Patty and Marion worked on sewing machines reupholstering a sofa & matching pillows, footstools, and other furniture as well as exam table sheets and OR drapes. Alice, who is a nurse, worked in the clinic and was very helpful getting IV’s in and critical patients cared for.

Overlapping their team was a team from First Baptist Church of Mound City. They sent hard working men who laid block, did carpentry jobs and painted the guesthouse. They also got a starter put into an old truck that we needed. The clinic and Jenn’s house walls were raised during this time as well and the trusses were all built.

The Mound City team was pleased to be able to visit the house of an employee who had been living in a tarp house since the earthquake. They had raised money to help build him a concrete house with steel roof. They were able to pray over and bless the house before Nicolas moved his family in.

Kyle Martin was able to work with us for several weeks. He is a 4th year med student who will be doing an emergency medicine residency and is looking towards future Haiti work. Kyle did a marathon here with several others, both American and Haitian to raise awareness and funds for various projects in the Seguin mountain area.

Kyle had a chance to work with several of our short term visiting docs. First was a physician from Touch Global, Len Hoffman. Another who visited was Dr. Chris Campagnari, and last was Dr. Elizabeth Goodly. Elizabeth is a Haitian-American in a family practice residency in Texas and she enjoys visiting family while here. We so appreciate these visiting doctors who help us to extend our services so that we can see more patients. Once we get our clinic built this will be much easier and roomier for all involved.

Teams from other ministries also come to work here at HHM. We have had some physicians, nurses, paramedical (pharmacy techs) and of course many construction workers, painters, etc. One of the most exciting events recently, was a team that brought evangelists who ministered to our “crowd” while they awaited a doctor’s visit. The first week 18 were saved and many more received prayer! The second week 6 were saved in one day alone! God has been so gracious to send people who partner with us to extend God’s grace to those in need! Praise God!


Linda Soares, a licensed laboratory scientist, arrived February 2nd and is joining us for 6 months. The goals we have for her are to train our current lab technician, to improve quality control practices, and to learn a new machine that will do creatinine and potassium testing. This will help us in emergencies as well as for determining kidney function. Linda has confirmed what other laboratory visitors tell us, that Mis Ketlie is a very good technician. We are pleased that she will have this help and ability to expand her skills while here. We also plan to hire another laboratory technician to work alongside Mis Ketlie soon, so that Linda can guide her training as well. Please pray for us as we choose this person. We need a Christian who is honest, reliable, a hard worker, and who glorifies God in her work at the clinic. We would prefer someone from Leogane or Gressier.

Sally Todd has started a malnutrition program using Medica Mamba (Plumpy nut peanut butter). This program uses peanut butter with added vitamins and minerals to treat malnutrition in children aged 6-59 months. There are added nutritional “gifts” for the rest of the family to decrease the chance the peanut butter ends up feeding other children, as well as to help the parent losing work and finances by coming to the clinic weekly for weights. A contract is signed and specific weight gains expected with the prescription each week. The program can last from 4-12 weeks and typically takes 8 weeks. They gain weight during that time to reach their appropriate size. They are also wormed and receive antibiotics for infections. If at any time the mothers fail to keep the contract they are removed from the program. The program cost is $69 US for each child. Several people are donating to this program. Would you be interested in becoming involved either by praying or by purchasing the Medika Mamba or other nutritional aides for the family? The weight gains and improved health have been amazing! You can donate via Paypal or HHM, PO Box 175, Girard, KS 66743 with malnutrition in the memo line of the check.

Romelson came to our clinic Feb 7. He is 4 months old and weighed 5.5 lbs on the balance scale and 4#9 oz on the swing scale. He does not qualify for the Medika mamba program yet. He is a special needs child who has some type of congenital syndrome affecting him. He does not suck or nurse well at all. He is a challenging child requiring much from mom and unfortunately, mom has 4 other children and is exhausted. We got her permission to work with him for a few days/weeks and called in Sue Witt. Sue is the one who can always snatch them from the jaws of death. After 1 night Sue said he needed a feeding tube because he would not take sufficient quantities to improve. We tried to place a tube but he reacted poorly to it producing too much mucus to make it feasible. We were at a loss what to do since the hospitals would not accomplish what Sue can. We asked the great physician to step in. A prayer meeting was held in administration laying hands on little Romelson for God’s intervention in his little life. Tears were shed, prayers ascended on high. Sue left with us not knowing what the results would be but with us low on hope. Sue called that next evening to report that he had kept more down and that he had actually slept for 3 hours in a row. God knew before hand that Sue would intervene in this little life. She had been given preemie clothes for him that she thought she would never use. She had been given a bottle that worked well for his needs – a Playtex nurser. He wouldn’t feed on any other type of nipple. He has gained 5 ounces in 5 days. This is very good news and definitely an answer to prayer.