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January-February 2015

January-February 2015

While the the US was experiencing a very cold and snow filled winter, Haiti enjoyed lovely temperatures.  During these mild days we hosted several individuals and groups who came to help us at HHM.

Eileen Westhues came from INMED for a month rotation during her 3rd year of Family Practice Residency.  She helped fill a hole when Marie needed extra time in the US.  We enjoyed having her work alongside us and she saw many interesting cases while learning how to care for these patients.

Dr. Joe Sellers and his wife Kathy spent 9 days with us in mid January.  Joe is a Med/Ped doctor and Kathy teaches in nursing school and with nurse practitioners.  It was fun having them both back to visit and we hope they will return with some students in tow.

Pete Gerard an old friend from Christianville came with his 4 sons for a family mission trip.  Pete replaced the roof on our church here after the earthquake.  Pete enjoyed introducing his boys to some old friends as well as helping us at HHM.  His son Dr. Tony worked in the clinic some, and the other boys and Pete helped Ed with some projects around the compound.

Matasha Pecht returned at the beginning of January and will remain through early April.  Please pray with her as she looks at coming back to HHM for a longer period sometime next summer.

In February, David Baulesch a 4th year DO student from Michigan had hoped to come for 2 1/2 weeks.  This month started out with riots over the price of gas in Haiti.  There were road blocks and burning tires so David’s vacation was shortened to avoid travel problems.  He was here for a little over a week and enjoyed his time here.  He was able to help in surgery, do initial physical exams, and rotated with our prenatal, pediatrics, and family providers to learn from them each.

Nanse Browne arrived for her 3rd trip to HHM since the earthquake.  Her first trip was right after the quake had struck and much had changed by the time she made it to us this year.  She will spend a month this year helping out.  She is a joy to have and a big help in the nursing realm.

The third week of February a church team from Chetopa, KS near the Wilkins home town, came to help.  There were NO medical workers in the team but they helped in so many ways.  The men did construction tasks with Ed finishing up getting the electric and sewer to the new house as well as some odd jobs.  Ladies counted pills, organized charts, varnished ceiling panels, and shared the the Gospel with a Wordless soccer ball.  June was our seamstress extraordinaire and she made curtains for exam rooms.

Deanna, an ER nurse who is a friend of Matasha’s came to visit at the end of the month.  It is always such a blessing to us to have our friends and families come to visit.

Also during these months the Haitian construction crew working with Ed and Bos Tingue were able to make good progress on the new house and the kitchen/dining pavilion. Ed and Pat are of course very excited about moving into a larger home and our growing Bible study group looks forward to having a nice dining facility where we can study the Bible and fellowship together in comfort.

As our time of building is drawing to a close for this season, we are overwhelmed with how God has met our needs against seemingly unsurmountable odds for such a small organization.  God has fought our battles and won the victory time and time again.   Thank you for praying for us as we continue to walk on God’s pathways here in Haiti.

This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.  II Chronicles 20:15

Prayer Requests:

1.  For our vitamins that are stuck in Customs to get out before they start charging us an extra fee.

2.  Jenn’s husband’s visa and their trip to the US for the new baby’s birth.

3.  For Jenn and Jean to find churches where they can speak to raise more funds for their growing family.  If you know churches,  especially in Florida, that would be interested in having them come speak please, email us!

4.  Continued prayer for replacements for Jim eventually.  We are attracting the second career missionaries which is wonderful, but they are all about our age.   We need someone younger to train before we lose our health.