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January – February 2016

January – February 2016

Election Violence Postpones 1 Team in January

As often happens in Haiti when we have elections, violence reared its ugly head in January following the announcement of the results and possible improprieties.   The frequency and number of incidents gradually increased to the point where a nearby mission sent its missionaries to the US.  One particularly alarming report at a point when we were expecting an incoming team, led us to postpone that team because we were concerned about whether we could get them to the airport the next week to depart.  We were blessed that many on the team were able to rebook.  The elections are still up in the air so we appreciate your prayers for the election to take place as soon as possible and for it to be a peaceful process.

February Teams

We had 2 teams come to help us in February.

Pastor Clarence and his wife brought a team from Kansas with 1 member from Texas.  Jeannette, a nurse practitioner, helped us see patients while Brittany did nursing tasks.  We had an expert medical records person who took on the HUGE task of organizing our charts and putting the lost ones where they belonged.  She nearly finished in the week’s time but since her departure our employees have been trying to finish the work that was left.  Some men made improvements in the guesthouse and around the grounds and June made more curtains and repaired clothing for the missionaries.  They always have such a great attitude and we enjoy having them.

Later in the month 3 premed students came.  Ricky, Maria, and Zech were a blessing helping in the clinic while they were there.  They also brought in much needed supplies for the clinic which was a blessing.

2nd Latrine Built with Addition of Sink

The team that was postponed from January was supposed to help build a new latrine for the clinic.  Because Ed had all the supplies ready, he brought back some of our construction team and accomplished this small project.  A hand-washing station was added as well which has been in the plans for several years.  The old one is now undergoing some improvements.

Guesthouse and other Improvements by Team from Kansas

The guesthouse needed a paint job and facelift.  We had moved almost all of the kitchen equipment out previously, so Ed built us some bookshelves to give a place for leftover books that our teams can enjoy while here if they want something to read.  There are also plans to make the kitchen cabinets into a locked display case for the souvenir items for sale by the guesthouse.  We really like the new look.

Prayer Requests

1.  Short term providers to help us see the many who need our care.

2.  A long term family practitioner to practice at HHM to eventually replace Dr. Jim and help handle critical patients as well as oversee the national physicians and physician extenders.

3.  A pharmacist to work with our technicians for 6 months to improve our pharmacy services.

4. Spiritual warfare for resolution of the smoldering land conflict. Pray God will preserve His land to the glorification of His Son Jesus Christ’s name.

5.  We need to find fire brick to build an incinerator.  Please pray that God will reveal where we can find them.

Matthew 9:37-38 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”