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Mar 26

January – March 2014

January – March 2014

We Have Moved into the New Clinic!

January was a very busy month.  With our electrician, Randy Crask and his son Brett here for 2 weeks, they wired the entire clinic.  It was quite an accomplishment.  They fixed some things in the compound and other houses as well.  Then our friends David and Reuben arrived to make cabinetry.  They stayed for over 2 weeks and were able to get the kitchen cabinets finished in Jenn’s house as well as the large project in the minor surgery and laboratory.  The next large team to arrive was the Mound City KS First Baptist Church team.  Their task was the ceiling – a large accomplishment.  With Joe Perkins senior heading up the team they slowly took on the challenge.  By midweek it was clear they would not only succeed, but also finish ceilings in our new house and mount ceiling fans in each room.  After that, it was only the finishing touches.  Jim worked nightly and weekends hanging up exam room equipment and simple shelves.  Then when the day arrived that we had chosen (February 20-21), the clinic closed and all our staff arrived to move their respective rooms.  It was easily accomplished in the 2 days allotted but we did need to finish up a few things that weekend.  We still have small odd jobs to do, but it is working quite well.  An added bonus is that it doesn’t seem to require more generator time so the solar is keeping up with all those extra lights and fans.  Our inside temperatures have gone from over 105 Farenheit  in the tents to about 80-85 in the new building.

Onward and Upward – the Pharmacy…

Immediately after moving into the clinic Bos Tingue, who took over the main construction leadership when Joe and CC moved, began working on the new pharmacy.  James Gray once again worked his magic and we have a great floor plan with many windows for ventilation.  The hole was dug, the gravel was filled in and compacted.  The forms were made and filled with metal framework that will hold it all together.  Cement was poured and the blocks are beginning to go up.  A covered front porch will make a lovely place to wait while getting medications.  2 dispensing windows will make quick work of long lines.  Just having a simple sink inside will be a blessing for our two pharmacy techs who have not been able to easily mix up our antibiotic suspensions for our littlest patients.   The pharmacy which was once our coolest building has become the warmest.  A new pharmacy will be so nice for Feda and Wuilson not to mention our patients.

Emily with a visiting nurse, Janet.Medically speaking

The first week back in January we had a few other visitors.  Dr. John Lee brought 2 friends along from California.  John saw many patients and Janet a nurse helped out as well.  Their friend Victor had a crash course in wiring and helped Randy in the clinic.  Bryan Neihart also came with family to help out that first week.  Bryan also learned much about wiring as did his dad David as they helped place electrical conduit all through the clinic at Randy’s direction.  Bryan’s wife Martha, a nurse, was a big help in the clinic.  Bryan’s mom Wendy helped out wherever she was needed.  The Neiharts were also a big help on the weekend doing landscaping in the yard.  What a great family vacation it became.  We had been friends with the Neiharts before their visit but this has enhanced our partnership in the Gospel.

After the Move

Nanse Browne, an LPN, first came to us immediately after the earthquake in an emotion filled time.  We were blessed to get to know her much better this time around when she came for several weeks.  She was so helpful during the move.  We continue to pray that God will guide her and direct her future.

Jim and I were blessed to be able to get away to celebrate early our 40th anniversary of our wedding in May of 1974.  Dr. Arch Woodard who comes to cover for us when we leave in December was able to postpone his sheep’s birthings long enough to help out while we were gone to Turkey.  He is a great help to our physicians and physician extenders whenever we take off.  His knowledge of Haitian Creole is a real boon in the exam room.  Arch first came to us with a tent and sleeping bag just a few days after the earthquake.  He camped out in the yard while working days to set fractures and care for others impacted by the quake.  We are so thankful for Arch’s involvement in the ministry.

Prayer Requests

1.  Praise God with us for His faithfulness in providing for and building our new clinic building!

2.  Pray for Jonie, a young woman with diabetes who is wasting away.  Pray for the doctors to find out why and how to treat it.

2.  Pray for Boss Tingue as he builds the new pharmacy building.  Also pray for sufficient funds to come in to finish it and maintain the clinic’s monthly needs.

3.  Pray for a couple considering moving to Haiti to help us in maintaining the physical facilities and with administration.

4.  Pray that God send us a physician to help Jim,  a pharmacist who could spend 6 months here, and a sonogram/X-ray technician.

Ps 127: 1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…”