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July-September 2015

July-September 2015

Tire Gardens

Sally Todd’s husband Robert as a master gardener has desired to see Sally’s malnourished children have a better diet.  In an attempt to encourage this he has helped to get a tire garden project started.  Reach Global came alongside to do a “demo” garden as well as several at our employees’ homes in an effort to encourage neighbors and our clients to get motivated to start one at home.  Included in the photo gallery this month are photos of the beginning efforts as well as a few weeks later when the plants were on their way to productivity.  Our guesthouse cook, Marie Marthe, is standing by her tire garden.

World Medical Missions

Sandy has been pursuing ways to get more providers to HHM to increase our service.  A temporary measure is through World Medical Missions.  They are a branch of Samaritan’s Purse, for whom we provide medical care here in Haiti.  Ed Morrow, the head of that branch came for a visit in July.  We enjoyed hearing of his years in Africa and are pleased to have WMM partner with us in providing care in Haiti.  We will be their first official site in Haiti where they will be sending volunteers.

First Holiday Celebration in the New Dining Pavilion

We enjoyed our first 4th of July celebration with local missionaries in the new dining facility.  We all brought our best holiday dishes and shared them together. We were unable to procure fireworks but it was a great time with good friends.

Jenn and Jean Return with Baby Jaiden

Jenn and Jean arrived mid July with their sweet little baby boy.  They have adjusted back into their roles here and are finding a comfortable mix of work and baby care.  Sandy is relieved to have someone take over the guesthouse menus and shopping again and for Jean to be back at work putting the charts where they belong and shooting X-rays.  Little Jaiden is also adjusting to life in Haiti and seems to like it!  Denise St. Bert one of our laboratory technicians also welcomed a new baby girl to her family this summer.  A photo is also included in the gallery above.

A Mission Team from LakePointe Provides a Soccer Camp

Sally Todd’s home church sent a team to stay at HHM while providing a soccer camp for area children.  Since we do not handle activities like that, Sally teamed up with another ministry – Hope Rising, whose missionaries attend our Sunday night Bible studies, to provide a venue for the camp.  They taught soccer as well as sharing the Gospel message and discipling the kids.  It was a busy and fun filled week.

Woodline Receives Life Changing Surgery

One of the things HHM does it to partner with other ministries to accomplish the things we cannot accomplish on our own.  This September we were able to find a donor and send one of our orthopedic cases to our old hospital in Bonne Fin.  We first consulted Woodline when as a young girl of 3 years she was trapped in a building after the earthquake for 3 days. 11 other family members died in this building and she was the only one found alive. She had an infected heel wound when she came into the clinic shortly thereafter.  We sent her to Doctors without Borders and then we didn’t see her till a couple weeks ago. The foot was now healed in a poor position and causing her pain. Dr. Belding an orthopedist who was at Hopital Lumiere was able to consult and did surgery to straighten out her foot so that she can walk  flat on it again.  We are hopeful her quality of life will be much improved as a result.

I Corinthians 3:7-9   So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.  The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor.   For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Arch Woodard Returns to HHM

Arch has been a blessing ever since the week after the 2010 earthquake.  He has returned annually to help the Wilkins get out of town a week early to attend to HHM business meetings and do purchasing for the clinic over the Christmas holiday.  Instead of closing the clinic this year in the summer for 2 weeks we let everyone choose their own vacation times.  In order to keep the clinic open we needed someone who could make those critical medical decisions in Jim’s absence.  Arch has filled in for us in that capacity many times and did so again, for which we are thankful.  During our time away they even managed to land a helicopter in the yard to fly out a critically ill patient.

Prayer Requests

1.  Praise God who worked on behalf of Pat Gilsbach who encountered health issues when in the US in August.  She will return to us soon following a successful surgery.

2.  Please continue to pray that God will send us a long term provider who can help to see our many patients.  Pray that our booth at the Global Missions Health Conference in November will help us to find someone who is interested.

3.  Pray for Sally and Robert as they plan for our first upcoming Special Needs Health Fair in early October.