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March-April 2015

March-April 2015

March began with a team from Florida. 3 med students came with team leader Frederick Ashby. They enjoyed seeing what the providers do and helping to do some minor surgery, lab testing, and other procedures.

On March 8 we sent 13 patients to Jacmel to Community Coalition for Haiti for consultations and surgeries. Several were able to have helpful procedures that we could not do in our clinic for a very reasonable price. We are so thankful for Kevin Melanson and the folks at CCH for their partnership that finds solutions for our needy patients.

In March we were blessed to have 7 people make decisions for Christ. April had 2 choose Jesus as Lord and Savior in the clinic. We are so thankful God allows us to participate in sharing His good news with the people of Haiti. We are blessed to have freedom to speak of God and his Christ daily in our devotions as well as when we minister to people’s healthcare needs. When someone receives word that they have inoperable cancer, a pill will not fix it. There is only hope in Christ for eternity as well as in this life here and now.

Marie’s friend Janine Maupin brought 3 friends along to work at HHM in March. Some worked in the clinic while others painted, counted pills and encouraged us all.

A friend and coworker here in Haiti who is a veterinarian, Kelly Crowdis came out on March 18 to do a rabies vaccination clinic. The night before had a good rain and as a result we didn’t have many takers for this very essential need in Haiti. Kelly says that 200 people die from rabies in Haiti annually. What a blessing it is to be able to bring rabies vaccine that can prevent the disease. 2 years ago we had an epidemic with multiple dogs testing positive that had bitten people. Our current batch of rabies vaccine for humans in the country is expired. We are praying that the government can get more quickly.

James Gray brought a team of 4 to build the trusses for the guesthouse kitchen and dining pavilion. While here we mounted a memorial plaque to his wife Valerie Joan Gray who died of cancer in 2013. Her memorials following death contributed over $20,000 to HHM. We are using some of the money to get an audio/video system for the lobby that will share in addition to important health care information, the Jesus film with a clear presentation of his life, death, and resurrection to save us all from our sin.

On March 29 Ed and Pat Gilsbach moved into the newest mission residence on the compound. Their house is baby blue and just perfect for them and their 2 cats. There are still a few things that need finished but they are happy in their new home.

We finished up our volunteers for March with Sally Todd’s sister and brother in law Patti and Ron Dykstra. They helped her to make modifications and beautify their little houses that comprise their home. What a blessing and encouragement our family and friends are to us!

Towards the end of March Jenn’s husband Jean, received his much awaited visa to go to the US for Jenn’s upcoming delivery of their first child, a little boy. With much rejoicing they left Haiti to head to Florida for the final weeks to pass. We look forward to good news in May and their return when little Jaiden can get his passport. Please continue to pray that they will find an increase in the level of support so that they can care for their larger family. If you have a church in Florida who can have them come to speak please contact HHM so we can arrange for them to come visit. If you have wanted to support HHM on a regular basis and are not sure how to do so, consider supporting Jean as he joins the missionary team of HHM. See information below on how to do so.

At the beginning of April we welcomed Aleece Diaz back to our compound to help fill our ranks. She will be attending physician assistant school starting in January of 2016. We so appreciate her great attitude and helpful nature. Pray for her as she relearns and advances in her understanding of Haitian Creole. Also pray for and consider supporting Aleece. We have support raised for the next 2 months. She needs $1,000/month to help us feed and support her here at HHM in Haiti. See below to find out how you can help.

The guesthouse kitchen and dining pavilion made continual progress through the months of March and April. Walls went up, the roof went on, electricity was added, the ceiling went up, paint was applied and it began to look like the wonderful dining facility and conference room that it will be. Our Sunday night Bible study crowd are really excited about moving into the new building. We are hopeful that it will make the preparation and serving of food to our volunteers a delight to our cooks. We look forward to using the facility for movie nights, Bible teaching, and any other gatherings that will bring glory to our Lord and King.

During the last few months we have seen a steady increase in the number of emergency and critically ill patients we have seen. Doctor’s without Borders are set to leave soon and have decreased their services tremendously. We are very grateful for our affiliation with the Haiti Air Ambulance HAA who have developed a wonderful service for not only transporting but finding facilities who can help to care for the critically ill in Haiti. For those who are serious but not critical we continue to struggle to provide services or find an appropriate hospital that will accept them without any guarantee of payment. Thank you for praying for us to have wisdom in these circumstances.

We have been awaiting a shipment of vitamins that arrived in Haiti in January as a free gift to HHM from Vitamin Angels. After payment for shipping and Customs the vitamins finally arrived at the end of April. Thank you for praying. We were able to get the shipment without further payment of about $1500 in space rental fees from the terminal for the delay caused by Customs. We did however have to pay an increased fee due to the re-categorizing of the vitamins to a food product. This is what caused the delay as we argued our case. Those wishing to help with the Customs fees that we incurred ($3,235) please see below how you can donate to help.  These vitamins will help to promote nutrition for our child patients 6 months to 5 years and for all prenatal and lactating women.

Please send donations via PAYPAL on our website ( or to HHM, PO Box 175, Girard, KS 66743.

Prayer Requests:
1. For another provider to help us care for our patients. Marie Daly will be leaving mid June after fulfilling her 2 years commitment. We have a temporary helper who is being trained, but we will need someone permanent as we have over 54,500 clients for our 6 providers who will soon diminish to 5 with Marie’s departure.

2.  For a US/Canadian trained physician who can eventually replace Jim as the medical director at HHM.  Although Jim is in great shape and planning to be here many more years, we need to find and train someone who can guide and direct the on site providers at HHM.  This needs to be someone with a passion for long term medical missions.  We will once again be having a booth at Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville in November in an effort to find workers for the field.

3. For Jenn to have a safe delivery of little Jaiden due around May 10-14. And for their family to adjust to their first child.