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May-June 2015

May-June 2015

Spring Health Fair

The Spring Health Fair surpassed the Fall Fair in all respects.  Sally’s planning and organization paid off as a large team from LakePointe, her home church, as well as Reach Global which is nearby helped out to make it a big success. You will see photos of “face painting/tattoos”, educational booths, consultations, vision and hearing exams and the kids also had some fun games along the way.  The purpose of course is not just fun or even education but to treat children out of our clinic’s clientele with problems like worms, malnutrition, anemia and even heart disease.  This is a small way in which to reach the “masses” with some simple help that prevents bigger problems.

Jacmel Surgical Team

We have continued to be blessed by the surgical teams from Community Coalition for Haiti in Jacmel.  We sent another group of patients up May 14 to receive surgical interventions most cannot afford.  This fall we look forward to a large group going to Jacmel for a wide variety of procedures.

Katie Howe MD/MPH Student Volunteers

We enjoyed Katie’s company as she learned much from our providers during her month long stay.  Her smiling face greeted us each morning anxious to jump in and see what the day would bring.

Construction on the New Kitchen/Dining Pavilion Continues

The kitchen and dining pavilion is nearly finished.  There is ample space, a lovely breeze most of the time, a huge stove/oven, and room for a crowd to join us.  The missionaries eat lunch there daily Monday through Friday with Jenn Rogan Philogene planning delicious meals for them and the teams who join us.  Finishing touches were concluded and we await the final cabinetry and secure doors.  Our Sunday night Bible study was the main impetus for us to get this built and we are thrilled to be able to meet in a new facility with room for all those desiring to come.  What a blessing to have Ed Gilsbach and Bos Tingue to be able to build this nice facility that James Gray designed.

Vitamin Angels Launch

We finally got the Vitamin Angel program begun June 1.  We have been giving vitamins to all our pregnant patients as well as children 6 months to 5 years old.  These children are also dewormed and receive Vitamin A supplementation as needed.  What a blessing VA has been to us.  We were able to connect them to our Christian Aide Ministries partner which ships in donated medications for our clinic.  With CAM’s help we hope to get the vitamins in much easier and cheaper this next year.

Marie Daly Leaves after Fulfilling her 2 year Commitment

We enjoyed Marie’s presence for 2 years and already miss her greatly.  She really helped us to see more numbers as well as more critically ill patients.  We celebrated her work with us with the entire clinic staff at a delicious dinner prepared by our wonderful guesthouse staff in our new dining facilities.  God is leading Marie as she heads back home to the US and we hope to see her again!

Steven Norwood Team Volunteers along with Hallea Geiger

Dr. Steven Norwood has been a blessing to HHM since his first visit.  He has returned annually with a team which varies from year to year.  This year he brought along a retired surgeon who was a big help to us in wound care and suturing while Jenn was on maternity leave.   There were also a couple non medical workers who helped Ed to get a ceiling in the children’s CHE building to help cool the temperatures down.   While they were here we also had a volunteer nurse from Kansas, Hallea Geiger come to help with the nursing care.  She spent a month with us and has decided to come back in January for several more months!

Prayer Requests

1.  Please pray for another provider for the clinic as well as someone who can work under Jim hopefully to take over the medical director position in a few years.

2.  Pray for a pharmacist who can stay for at least 6 months to fine tune our pharmacy.

3.  Continue to ask the Lord to preserve the land.  We received papers indicating a potential problem but nothing has come of it thus far.   We put our trust in God to whom this land and clinic were dedicated to serve this area of Haiti while winning souls for Christ.