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May – June 2017

Land Issue – Meeting with Lawyers

We appreciate all of the prayers that so many of you have offered up on behalf of HHM regarding the disputed land deed.  We had a meeting with our board President and the various lawyers in early May.  Not a lot was accomplished but there was dialogue and continued communication.  Please pray that God will preserve the land in HHM’s possession until He no longer needs it, that Jesus Christ will be glorified in all, and that the testimony of HHM and His servants will bring Him glory.

Don Wymore and Cherokee Baptist Team

We were blessed in May to have a work team from Kansas including Pastor Don Wymore and Pastor Ben Scott and a couple who came to help them.  They attacked a list of “honey do” tasks around the compound.  Many menial tasks that just never get done, nasty tasks (new latrine toilet seats), maintenance of machinery, and odds and ends. Since Ed Gilsbach left some things get left undone so this was a much appreciated team.  Others wishing to come to accomplish the same types of tasks would be greatly appreciated every few months.  In addition to all the other work, they did some creative tasks designing supports for dragon fruit vines and a toddler bed to help Emily Court out when she arrives with her little tike.

2 with Cleft Lips/Palates

We had 2 children arrive 1 day apart both of whom had cleft lips and palates.  One child had a very supportive family and the other – not so much.  Life can be very tough in Haiti and many have much more than they can handle. God is working out support for these mothers who love their babies but cannot keep them healthy on their own.  We are so thankful for partners who help us to help others in ways that we at HHM are not equipped to do.  Hope Rising Children’s Home came alongside to help the mother with no support get little Ghislaine past the dangerous phase.  She is gaining weight rapidly and doing well.  She will have her first surgery after 6 months of age.  The other little boy Geraldson was hospitalized for a spell and is now at home and we still are struggling a bit to get good weight gain.  HRCH will help us in training the mom to use a special feeder to accomplish this.  Both of these children were at high risk for not surviving but God is providing for them individually.

Dr. Tripp and Claire 

Tripp and Claire joined us for 10 days.  Dr. Tripp is a 3rd year resident in general surgery.  We wondered what he would do, but we kept him very busy!  He took off lumps and bumps, did biospies, and sewed up some lacerations.  He did some things he had not yet done and made many folks happy.  Claire helped him some as well as in the pharmacy.  18 lipomas, 5 cysts, 4 breast biopsies, 4 ganglion cysts, 1 laceration, 1 foreign body, 1 finger amputation, and several debridements (cleaning out wounds)

Ruth Cadet Medical Student

Ruth arrived in June after her first year of medical school.  She had 3 weeks working with Dr. Craig, Miss Jenn, and Dr. Jim.  She learned to do many things and about many diseases.  It was interesting to learn that her father had emigrated from nearby Gressier over 30 years ago and she was glad to get to visit family in the area while she was with us.  She enjoyed expanding her Creole language skills while here as well.   We enjoy working with students helping them on their way towards becoming physicians who God can use to help a hurting world.

David, One of our many Heart Kids

David is one of our happiest patients.  He always has a smile on his face.  He suffers from scoliosis, a large hole in his heart and a very high pressure in his pulmonary artery.  This high pressure will eventually ruin his lungs if not repaired.  He has been on the surgery list for a few years but his particular surgery is very high risk.  Our regular hospital had a child like this die and does not want to take the risk.  Our partner Haiti Cardiac Alliance is still looking for a possible site.  Owen is currently talking with a hospital in Canada while we treat him with a medication to lower this pressure to help decrease his risk.  Thank you for praying for him.

Will Bauer Premed Student

Will met us in an unusual way.  His brother recently married one of our board members’ daughters.  Since he is premed he thought he would check out HHM giving his work here for the Lord this summer.  He arrived in June to help us while learning some things he will see much later in his education.   We enjoyed having him help us and showing him some interesting cases while here.

Dr. Craig Continues to Work Hard at HHM

Dr. Craig arrived mid May and has been working hard in the clinic ever since.  Although in his mid 70’s he keeps up with us seeing patients in the heat of Haiti.  He will be here till the beginning of August and will help to cover the clinic next month when Jim and Sandy go to Kansas for a 2 week break.  He especially loves figuring out what disease process is at work.  He has diagnosed some things he has never seen previously and always enjoys the challenge of doing so with the minimal tests we have available.  Our hats off to Craig for offering 4 months of heat for the Lord’s work.

High Risk Obstetrics and Babies Abound

Jenn and Dr. Jim have had their hands full with pregnant women.  There have been several that are high risk lately as usual.  There are 2 with serious heart conditions, one with twins who were both breech and mom had high blood pressure, and 1 diabetic on insulin.  We were able to get one of the ones with heart condition, the twins and another one who had had 2 previous babies die in the last 2 months of pregnancy admitted to Hopital Universite de Mirebalais in the last couple weeks.  The one with the twins was in recently so pleased that she was able to deliver her twins without problems.  After a few days however one of them was not nursing well and became dehydrated.  She had to have him admitted locally and we hope he is doing well.  It is increasingly becoming difficult to find hospitals willing to admit patients who are seriously ill with complicated problems.   Having a friend in the hospital helps us to find a compassionate ear willing to help with our problems.

Jenn and Jean Philogene Return to the US

With sad hearts we bid farewell to Jenn and Jean who have served faithfully at HHM for many years.  They are returning to the US to seek further educational opportunities for themselves and little Jaiden who is now 2.  We have hired replacements who are doing quite well but we will miss Jenn and Jean’s years of experience and hard work.  Please pray for them as they start over again in Jacksonville, Florida.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray that God will preserve the land in HHM’s possession until He no longer needs it, that Jesus Christ will be glorified in all, and that the testimony of HHM and His servants will bring Him glory.

2. Pray that God would send us a handy person who can keep things running well on the compound.

3. Pray for replacements for Dr. Jim as medical director and Sandy as administrator in the next 5 years.

4.  Pray for the Philogenes as they resettle in the US and seek God’s path for the future.


I Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.