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Aug 1

May/June 2013

May/June 2013

May and June were packed with teams coming to help us in both construction and the medical clinic. Our nearly finished guesthouse and guesthouse team got quite a workout. Many thanks to the hard work of CC and the guesthouse ladies as they were great hostesses to so many people.

Linda had a good friend come to visit for a week. Her name was Lauren Huber and we all enjoyed her company and help in the clinic. As Lauren left a Haitian friend of Sally’s arrived to have some work seminars with the staff. We closed early one day and enjoyed lunch together as Dieula led discussion on how we can glorify God in our clinic work. The small groups broke up into departments and discussed several questions that affect us all. The discussion and fellowship was enjoyed by all and we finished off with a tour of the new clinic building. They are all excited about getting into their new quarters which will be cleaner, roomier, and cooler.

David Ellingson and Randy Crask arrived to put the roofing on the house Jenn and Jean will live in. They were able to mount the plywood and steel without difficulty and even finished some of the wiring for it. Randy will return when we are ready to wire the clinic, hopefully with his son or some other electricians to help out.

The next team came to help weld but due to several welders at the same time, many also helped us finish soffits, electric, and many other essential details in the house. They took turns welding and much was accomplished to further the ministry. This team was from Cherokee Baptist church in Kansas and have been great supporters of HHM.

Immediately following this team, we had 2 teams from Alfred State College in New York. This is the third year that Dr. Doug Pierson and his wife Debbie have brought teams our way to help since the earthquake. Although previous teams had some construction students we had 4 nursing students each week and 2 professors from Alfred state who oversaw their work. As a bonus Kathy Sellers, one of the nursing professors brought her husband along who, as an internal medicine/pediatric physician, was a big help with our large diabetes and hypertension population. Etienne Green was there during the entire time to oversee the nursing students in the two teams. One of the groups were a big help when we had a surgical emergency as a patient began to bleed profusely. Their assistance allowed Dr. Wilkins to get the bleeding stopped. It was a great team effort. Dr. Pierson arrived at the end of the two weeks with his vet students to hold a clinic outside our medical facility for the local animal population. Many farmers were able to get their livestock vaccinated and wormed. We appreciate all the preparation the Piersons do annually to help the students get this experience and to help us minister to the local people.

In the midst of all these teams passing through Marie Daly, our newest team member arrived to begin her work with us. She comes to us from northern Texas as a family nurse practitioner. She is spending about half of her time learning the language and half working in the clinic. She is taking some formal language classes as well as spending time with a Haitian tutor and immersing herself in a little Haitian church with one of our other single female physicians, who has become her good friend – Dr. Clemence Fervil. In clinic, Marie consults patients in the afternoons seeing babies, children, occasionally pregnant women when Jenn is overwhelmed and adult men and women. She has quickly become an essential part of the HHM team.

Mid June the Wilkins daughter Amanda arrived with her family in tow. Husband Jacob spent time helping Joe on trusses. Joe had been steadily working on them since the last welders left. Jacob helped move things along rapidly using his welding skills to produce more than 1 truss daily. Amanda who is an OB nurse helped in the clinic wherever needed. Her Creole skills from her teen years living in Haiti kicked right in and she was a great help. Natalie, age 5, enjoyed helping take vital signs in the clinic with mom as well as helping Miss Jenn with finding the babies’ heart rates. Her twin brother Luke spent an afternoon helping Mr. Wilson in the pharmacy counting pills with mom’s supervision.

While Amanda and her family were here another team from Mound City Baptist came to help finish up the house for Jenn and Jean. They were able to finish the ceiling and build many pieces of needed furniture as well as start a porch roof. One of the men was a professional welder and helped Joe and Jacob with the trusses being built. They are nearing completion.

A young lady named Alexis joined us for a couple weeks working in the clinic to see if nursing is where God would have her concentrate her post high school education. She is interested in missions and had 2 weeks free to join us to find out what all is involved. She has learned many skills which will help her along the way to becoming a nurse.

Our last team before closing for a summer break is one that is from Jenn’s mother’s church in Florida. Her pastor, Don Satterwhite preached a sermon about getting out of our comfort zone and taking up our cross to follow Jesus in church Sunday morning. Two of the ladies worked in the clinic while Jenn’s mom, Carol and Pastor Don did some much needed painting in Jenn’s house. They also did some calling on shut-ins for prayer and praying for those in the clinic yard.

HHM was blessed by the addition of another vehicle to our motorpool. A KIA was purchased to help us transport larger teams and more luggage from the airport to the compound safely. There is room for up to 7 in the cab and it has 2 rows of benches in the bed of the truck. A cage was designed to keep the bed secure during transport.

This has been a very full couple of months and many lives have been touched by the ministry of the HHM team. In June, 8 people made decisions for Christ. One of them was a young man suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He had seen his parents die 3 years earlier in the earthquake and had lost everything. He came to the clinic thinking there was something terribly wrong with him. He didn’t feel right inside and he kept seeing his dead parents. During the process of consulting that afternoon Sandy shared the Good News that God had died for his sins and he ultimately accepted forgiveness in Jesus name. He consulted with Dr. Jim and was invited to church the next Sunday since he lives close. Sunday morning when the visitors stood up to tell who they were, he very bravely stood to say he had recently been saved and needed further instruction on how to live the Christian life. At the end of church the pastor and elders talked to him along with Jim and made plans to begin some counseling sessions. This week at church he was grinning from ear to ear. He has become a new person!

I ICorinthians 5:17 “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.”

Ezekiel 11:19-20 “I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh…They will be my people, and I will be their God”

Prayer requests:

  • Marie Daly to continue learning the language, culture and adjust to living in Haiti.
  • Sally Todd as she determines how God will use her at HHM in the future and possible full time status.
  • Roofing the clinic and continuing the building process. Wisdom for Joe as he guides that process.
  • Ketlie Jn Pierre one of our lab technicians has recently lost her mother with an unexpected illness. Please pray for her as she grieves that loss.
  • Linda Soares will be leaving us after 6 months of service teaching our laboratory technicians and sharing in their lives and work. She quit her job to come and has no idea where God will lead her on re-entry in July. ┬áPlease pray for God to guide her every step.