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Haiti Health Ministries Medical Clinic


Haiti Health Ministries manages the HHM Medical Clinic just outside of Gressier, Haiti. The clinic was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 2010. HHM’s clinic now operates in a beautiful new clinic and includes patient care, patient education, laboratory, pharmacy, sonography, radiology, and minor surgery. We usually see about 130 patients per day or about 30,000 patients per year. The clinic has a staff of 13 including three doctors, 2 nurse practitioners, and prenatal/wound care consultants who do patient care.

The clinic sees patients suffering from tropical infections like malaria and cholera, injuries from accidents, diabetes, hypertension, as well as normal prenatal and pediatric care. Patients who are seriously ill or needing surgery are transported or referred to nearby hospitals for admission. Patients are never turned away because of inability to pay.

Evangelism is the most enduring part of the clinic’s ministry. The Gospel message is presented clearly to the patients and their families daily. Those who accept Christ receive a New Testament and are referred to local evangelical churches.

Our Clinic performs approximately 250-300 prenatal consults every month. We follow the pregnancy up to delivery; referring them them to a local hospital for labor and delivery.  There are many complicated prenatal clients in our care and we must find specialty services to deliver their babies.

The most common conditions that we see include hypertension, diabetes, prenatal care, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and musculoskeletal complaints. Some infectious diseases we treat are malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis.  The vast majority of our patients fall into this category and are consulted by our physicians and nurse practitioners.

The HHM clinic does about 40 X-rays per month. Our digital system minimizes the supplies needed and maximizes what we can do with the images. We primarily diagnose congestive heart disease, pulmonary conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and increased fluid, as well as fractures in long bones and joints.

Dr. Wilkins does about 55-60 sonograms per month.  The vast majority are for prenatal evaluations: determining dates, twins, and congenital anomalies.  He also examines abdominal soft tissue and organs to determine if there are diseases present.  Sonography is a very helpful non invasive tool that helps in diagnosing problems.

Miss Ketlie and Denise, our laboratory technicians, do about 1470 tests on patient specimens per month. They do a large number of glucose tests for our diabetic patients as well as routine testing for our many obstetrical patients.  In addition to this they do testing for tropical diseases and body fluid analysis which helps to diagnose serious illnesses.

The HHM pharmacy delivers medication to all those visiting the clinic that need prescriptions or non prescription medications. They also sell medications to patients that arrive with prescriptions from outside clinics. Those that are consulting at HHM will receive their essential medications regardless of ability to pay for them.

Dr. Wilkins averages 20 surgeries per month. The rest of the staff also perform minor surgeries like sewing up lacerations, incising and draining abscesses and doing punch biopsies on the skin. Because we have only local anesthetic available we are limited on what procedures can be performed.


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