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Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

Dr. Wilkins averages 10 surgeries per month.  The rest of the staff also perform minor surgeries like sewing up lacerations, incising and draining abscesses and doing punch biopsies on the skin. Because we have only local anesthetic available we are limited on what procedures can be performed.


One of the most important services we offer is the ability to biopsy suspicious lumps and bumps. We do a fair number of breast, lymph node, and cervical biopsies. As a result we can diagnose cancers and differentiate between infectious and non infectious problems that are persistant. We also take off suspicious skin lesions or do diagnostic biopsies of skin lesions that persist. We are blessed to have International Pathology Services from Michigan who can give quality diagnoses for a minimal fee.


Although we do not want to be known as an emergency room we have a fair number of accident victims that come in the doors. They are anything from machete wounds to vehicular accidents and can take up a considerable amount of time. We are fortunate to have X-ray capability to verify fractures in some of these cases. Open fractures are referred to a nearby hospital for treatment.