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Dec 24

November-December ’16

November-December ’16

HHM Board Meets in Haiti

In early November the HHM board flew to Haiti to have their annual meeting.  They were able to see the clinic in action, have their meeting and then meet individually with all missionaries.  Much was accomplished and all agreed in prayer for the direction of the clinic and upcoming needs.  Every other year the board makes this journey at their own expense to see first hand how things are progressing and to get a personal feel for the ministry.  During the meeting they learned that in our 11 years of service over 280,000 patients have received consultations and 797 people have made decisions to follow Christ.  God has been faithful to provide all the needs so that the clinic can continue to operate while sharing Christ’s love with the local people.

Nancy Thurtell Volunteers for 3 weeks 

Nancy joined the team for 3 weeks working as a nurse practitioner.  She had trained with INMED, an international medicine education provider who sends us volunteers.  She learned many things while there, seeing new and interesting cases.  She was a delight to work alongside and really helped us out.

Drs Tony and Joe Fill in while the Wilkins Travel to GMHC

Jim and Sandy usually go to the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville every November.  This year Drs. Tony Gerard and Joe Kearns filled in while they were gone.  Tony was able to bring his family along and they enjoyed doing some non medical projects while Tony worked in the clinic.  This was Joe’s first year and he was a big help even after the Wilkins returned.  What a blessing to find help to fill in while they are gone.

Rachel Volunteers with HHM for 3 Weeks

We often have medical and non medical volunteers join us for a few days.  Rachel joined us from the Shepherd’s house ministry up the hill from us for 3 whole weeks.  What a help she was as we had several emergencies.  She is pictured watching over a tiny malnourished baby that was life flighted to a hospital in Port au Prince while she was working at HHM.  It is a real blessing for HHM to partner with others to minister in various ways to the people of our area.

Thanksgiving Day

One of the outside ministries that HHM has is to help support other missionaries on the field so that they can remain in place with the support of others.  Living in a foreign culture is difficult and Haiti in particular is a tough mission field.  By having a weekly Bible study and then hosting events that help us all get together to join in our national traditions, it helps us to not miss our families back home quite as much.  We were blessed with 2 turkeys and ALL the fixins as we thanked God for His mercies together this year.

Haiti Has a Final Presidential Election

Haiti has struggled to finalize its presidential election after charges of corruption last year.  The election this year passed with minimal violence and although the final results will not be announced till December 29, it looks like they elected a new president in one vote.  Thank you all so much for your many prayers.  Please continue to pray until Jovenel Moise is inaugurated next year.

Drs Joe Luz and Joe Sellers Volunteer

As the Wilkins headed back to the US to finish up work for HHM as well as vacation with family, 2 physicians came to fill in that last week of operation.  Joe Sellers has been to HHM several times and he brought his partner from the US to help him at the clinic the first week of December.   Jenn Philogene and Pat Gilsbach were there to run the clinic and host our volunteers as always.

Naika Will Get her Heart Repaired in the Dominican Republic

Last month we told of a young man who had a valve replacement at Baylor and has actually come back to live at HHM in one of our small plywood houses to recover.  This month we are sharing about a young woman who needs a patch on a hole in her heart that is causing her increased pressure.  Another of our local missionaries originally brought her to us to consult and she has since remained in our care with Haiti Cardiac Alliance.  The other mission E4 has agreed to partner with us to find her financing to travel to the DR to get a cardiac catheterization to repair her heart.  She will have this surgery in 2017 as a result of HHM and E4 donors.

Thank YOU!

As we finish up this year we would like to thank each of you for being partners in the Gospel as well as giving affordable health care to the poor of Haiti.  Without this ministry many in our area would not get life saving and life enriching health care.  Some would have died without Christ if you had not given and prayed to keep the ministry going.  We thank you for your help in keeping us on the field to glorify the Name of Christ in Haiti.

Prayer Requests

1.  Please pray for someone to help in the office as well as a maintenance worker this upcoming year.

2.  Please continue to pray for replacements for Jim and Sandy who can work alongside them and then take over their positions.

3.  Praise God for the many volunteers that World Medical Missions (the mission’s arm of Samaritan’s Purse) is sending our way this next year.

Luke 10:2 He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.



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