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Dec 31

October-December 2014

October-December 2014

New Missionaries Ed and Pat Gilsbach Arrive to Work at HHM

Ed and Pat Gilsbach arrived at the end of September and began settling into life at HHM. One of Ed’s first tasks was to begin construction on a permanent house for them. He began work with Bos Tingue and the construction crew to build a house right next door to the guesthouse for he and Pat. Pat had the benefit of a month of language school while in the US to help her manage better on arrival. They will both also pursue language classes with Teresa Price, a physician’s assistant who worked with us for several years and is back stateside now with her family. They can do classes over SKYPE with homework and tests in country. What a help this is to our new missionaries. Pat has begun taking over many of the tasks Sandy has done previously. As a benefit of her learning she is also compiling a notebook of the procedures used in administration for future missionaries that may come to work there.

Kitchen and Dining Pavilion

Every Sunday night we have a Bible study in English for local missionaries. At about this time our Bible study started to blossom attracting missionaries from a little further away who lack worship and fellowship with people of their culture. After a time of study of the word and prayer we enjoy a potluck meal together. Because our guesthouse kitchen and dining area began to be quite cramped during this time we decided to go ahead with a future building project for a kitchen and dining area. We enlarged teh dining area so we would have room not only for Bible study and visiting teams but also for a conference area when needed. The dining pavilion will be large, airy, and able to seat 48.

In order to accommodate these new buildings we needed to add another septic system.  We added another tank and 3 lines with the assistance of a team headed up by Nate Grabil from Colorado.  Although not a subject that is usually discussed, we appreciate having a good hygienic system that will last for years to come.

First HHM Health Fair

On October 27-8 Sally Todd organized our first health fair.  One of the purposes of this fair was to offer needed vitamins, worming, and minimal health checks for children who don’t get into the clinic because our capacity has been maximized already.  A group from Reach Global helped with the lab work, dispensing of medication and logistics.  A physician and nurse practitioners gave a quick exam to each child, blood was checked for anemia, heights and weights recorded.  They also were able to go through a small health fair area which had some information for the children as well as parents to improve their health.  We plan to repeat this twice a year for the local children.

Partnership with Cardiac Alliance

On November 19 we had a cardiac clinic for our children who have congenital malformations in their hearts. Sandy had learned in early October that Cardiac Alliance, an organization that evaluates and arranges heart surgeries, was actually doing surgeries in Haiti.  When they arrived to do evaluations in Les Cayes we asked if they could stop by our clinic on their way back to evaluate some of our patients.  They came and did several hours worth of evaluations on most of our children with heart problems.  As a result, one 4 year old was taken to the Caymen Islands just a few weeks later to enlarge the area of one valve with a balloon.  Several of our patients will likely receive surgery in Haiti this next year!

First MedEvac Takes Place at HHM

The very next day we had an OB arrive who had had her heart evaluated at the cardiac clinic as a favor to us.  She began to have a seizure and we were able to contact our new partners Haiti Air Ambulance to med evac her to an OB hospital in Port au Prince where she did well.  The baby lived for a couple of weeks but then unfortunately died, as it was very premature.  HAA was called one other time in November for a 5 year old child who was severely dehydrated (probably as a result of cholera) but died before the ambulance could arrive.  Another successful evacuation took place the first week in December.  God is so good to give us this partnership!

Sonlight Power Returns to Install More Panels

Allen Rainey and his Sonlight Power team returned to HHM to install another 12 solar panels to our array.  With the addition of our new buildings and more missionaries we were needing to use our diesel generator more and more, so we are glad to get the added security of more panels.  We are also exploring the possibility of solar water heating and one of our missionaries is even looking into solar air conditioning.

HHM Board Meeting Takes Place in Haiti

The HHM board arrived late in the month for a whirlwind tour of the clinic in operation and board meeting.  We are pleased that our board make the effort to travel to Haiti every other year to see for themselves what we are doing and to keep us accountable.  Some of our missionaries and board had a chance to meet each other for the first time.  God has so blessed this organization with men and women of God to lead  it and partner in the work it accomplishes.

Vitamin Angels Grant Approved

In August, Sandy had begun doing research with Sally Todd on a vitamin grant that would provide vitamins for children as well as pregnant and lactating women.  In December the application was finalized, accepted, and the vitamins shipped for transport to Haiti.  The vitamins are free except for the overseas shipping.  All of our vitamins for these groups will be available as soon as they arrive in our pharmacy.  Many thanks to God for His provision of a partnership with Vitamin Angels and other groups who can benefit our clients in so many ways.

Other Volunteers Add to the Work Accomplished

Dr. Tu Anh Loung joined us for a couple weeks in November as part of the InMed program, an international medicine organization that helps doctors, residents, and med students do rotations internationally to expand their horizons.    She is in training at the Research Hospital in Family Practice.  Beth Tarango, an X-ray technician volunteered for a week helping Jean learn better techniques in taking X-rays. She donated a lead apron for protecting our clients from excess radiation when doing X-rays.  Dr. Kyle Martin joined us for a week in November as well as Dr. Arch Woodard in December.  Their knowledge of Haitian culture and command of the language from previous years working in Haiti makes their participation valuable.   Dr. Arch comes every year to replace Dr. Jim when he leaves the country.  It has been a blessing to us to have him available to help oversee the work of our nurse practitioners and Haitian physicians.

December saw us closing the clinic as usual for 3 weeks.  Jenn and Jean, Ed and Pat remained in Haiti.  Ed continued working with the construction crew and we will have photos to share in January on the progress of the new house and kitchen/dining facility.
Prayer Requests
1.  Personnel – a primary care physician, a pharmacist for 3-6 months, and other providers, CHE workers
2.  Evangelism and Discipleship to continue
3.  Political stability in Haiti in the face of unrest due to lack of elections

Proverbs 19:21 (NASB)  Many plans are in a man’s heart, But the counsel of the LORD will stand.


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