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October-November 2015

October-November 2015

October-November 2015

Cabinetry Team Works Its Wonders 

The cabinet team who have done almost all of our cabinetry at HHM have finished our kitchen cabinets in the new Guesthouse Kitchen and Dining Pavilion as well as in the house where Gilsbach’s reside.  David does such lovely work and we really appreciate the work he, Dennis, and Ed did making such lovely cabinets and drawers to organize the kitchens.

Special Needs Health Fair

Sally Todd has several children in her practice who have special problems.  It is difficult to meet their needs for learning and health care so she pulled together a special team to meet their special needs.   A team from LakePointe Church in Texas has helped us with several health fairs and they came through on this one as well.  Autumn, an occupational therapist from a mission in the north of Haiti, came down on a harrowing bus ride to help make sitting, standing and walking devices for the kids with CP.  Several children sat, stood and walked for the first time!  Education was given to parents on how to maximize their learning so they can begin to care for themselves.  I think all concerned considered it a huge success and I suspect we will be doing this again in the future to continue to give devices that are appropriate sizes as the children grow and to meet the needs of new children that come our way.

Cardiac Evaluations with Haiti Cardiac Alliance

Owen Robinson once again brought his team to HHM on October 8 to check on our kids with cardiac concerns as well as to see the new cases we have found.  Three of our children were taken off of the list because holes in their hearts had closed on their own.  One has been found to be urgent and they are working hard to get his birth certificate fixed so he can get his passport to go to the Caymen Islands.  Several of our kids had surgery this last year and had follow up appointments.  Owen says that they believe they will do 100 surgeries at St. Damien’s hospital in Haiti this year.  They are also looking to set up other sites for cardiac interventions.

Fall Health Fair

The annual Fall Health Fair was a big success.  350 children and their parents were allowed in.  We had to turn children away as usual, but are seeing more as we gain volunteers to help from Reach Global, Lakepointe Church in Texas, and local missionaries.  Once again children received screening for several potential problems as well as consultations from providers for more serious problems.


Thanksgiving Day Festivities

What a wonderful evening of celebration giving thanks to our God with our brother and sister missionaries in the area.  We had all the traditional dishes and were blessed with good fellowship around the table.  We finished off the evening with the movie Elf for the younger crowd, while eating pie with coffee.  There were even leftovers for those who desired them.


Prayer Requests

1.  Short term providers to fill the gap when Aleece leaves in December, while we search and wait on God to provide a long term provider.

2.  A long term family practitioner to practice at HHM to eventually replace Dr. Jim and help handle critical patients as well as oversee the national physicians and physician extenders.

3.  A pharmacist to work with our technicians for 6 months to improve our pharmacy services.

4. Spiritual warfare for resolution of the smoldering land conflict. Pray God will preserve His land to the glorification of His Son Jesus Christ’s name.