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Meet Our Staff

The Haiti Health Ministries Clinic includes a staff of Haitian employees as well as expatriate American health care workers. We have 3 physicians, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and prenatal/wound care consultant providing patient care. We have 2 laboratory technicians that do testing of specimens to help our health care providers determine accurate diagnoses and care for our clients. We have 2 pharmacy technicians that  fill prescriptions for the patients. There are also 3 employees working in the children's program with malnutrition, breast feeding, and education.  In addition to those providing direct patient care, we have a receptionist who checks our patients in, a filing clerk who handles our patients' files, the administrator and her assistant, an X-ray technician/statistician, cleaning staff, maintenance, and security.

Our Staff

Marlene Lindor

Marlene came to us by referral from Bos Tingue. She is an RN from the local area and graduated from the Christianville schools. She is single and lives in the small village LaColline where our local market is. She is a committed Christian and does a great job with her nursing duties and also in ministering to our patients.
Our Staff

Emerson Pierre

Emerson began a nurse practitioner training course with Dr. Jim towards the end of February 2016. He completed 443 hours of the required 500 hours at HHM.  He began work at the clinic the beginning of June.  He is a committed Christian and continues to learn how to care for his patients well. He is married and has 2 children 1 of whom attends the nearby Christianville school. They live in Leogane.
Our Staff

Pat Gilsbach

Pat and Ed Gilsbach joined our HHM team in September of 2014. Pat comes to us with a wealth of experience as a secretary and administrative assistant. Even without medical background Pat has picked up the needed skills quickly and has been a huge help to Sandy in keeping things running smoothly. She handles payroll, processing all the purchases, scheduling vacations, keeping statistics on programs, pricing of medications, and much more. Pat has become indispensable in the operation of the clinic.
Our Staff

Ed Gilsbach

Ed and Pat Gilsbach joined the HHM team in September of 2014.  They have been a wonderful addition.  Ed began his tenure with mainly construction but has become the building and grounds manager for the compound.  One of his first tasks was to build himself a house and then to build our kitchen and dining pavilion.  He has overseen the addition of a septic system and has expanded our electrical grid to these 2 buildings.  What a blessing to have someone who can fix and maintain things as well as build.  We don't know how we managed without him.
Our Staff

Jean Fritzner Philogene

Jean came to us after marrying our prenatal consultant Jenn Rogan.  He quickly learned which doctors see which patients, how to do X-rays, and how to categorize the diseases on which we keep statistics for Haiti and donors.  He has been a valuable addition to our staff, arriving in April of 2012.  Jenn and Jean have a baby boy Jaiden who joined their family in 2015.
Our Staff

Denise Saint Bert

Denise was hired in March to help Miss Ketlie in the laboratory. She had training but little experience. She is a committed Christian and has been an excellent addition to the lab. Linda Soares was here for 6 months to help train the lab girls to do a new machine which evaluates creatinines and potassiums among other things. While she was here she further trained Miss Denise in laboratory techniques and procedures. Denise is a self starter and practices and studies procedures on her own when the lab is not busy. She has been a great addition to our staff.
Our Staff

Dr. James Wilkins

In addition to his family practice training, Dr. Wilkins has taken advanced training in abdominal and obstetrical sonography and echocardiography. He uses his skills to diagnose soft tissue problems in the abdomen involving the kidneys, liver, intestines, uterus, ovaries, pancreas, and other organs. He sees a large number of obstetrical cases determining correct dates for delivery, twins, congenital anomalies, and potential placental problems. Although not proficient in doing echocardiograms, he uses his Sonosite machine to help him diagnose heart disease, getting a general idea of what problems are occurring in patients with congestive heart failure, abnormal valvular disease, or holes between the chambers of the heart. These abilities greatly help in determining the need for treatment or admission to a hospital. Dr. Wilkins also does the vast majority of reading the X-rays. Our digital X-ray is used primarily for heart and lung imaging as well as fracture diagnosis on limbs. We see a number of patients with heart problems like congestive failure as well as lung diseases such as pneumonia, abnormal fluid in the lungs,and tuberculosis, that are diagnosed by X-ray. He also reads our electrocardiograms which help us diagnose heart electrical conduction problems that can result in irregular heart rhythms.

Our Staff

Sandra Wilkins

Sandy serves as administrator of the HHM clinic.  She handles all personnel issues, ordering and purchasing all supplies, and financial records.  Unlike administrators in most clinics she also steps into the nursing role when needed in a crisis.  She drives the truck for hospital admissions and as ambulance and even the dump truck when purchasing construction materials. She coordinates teams and handles most of the communications needed for things to run smoothly.  She also ends up troubleshooting what others don't have time to handle.

Our Staff

Jennifer Rogan Philogene

Jenn is the health care provider for all prenatal and wound care patients consulting with Jim when there are complications.  She also does some lab tests, X - rays, and many patient treatments as well as patient education. Jenn has become indispensable to us and even runs the clinic when the Wilkins are absent.

Our Staff

Marie Feda St. Fort

Miss Feda is a nurse that works in our pharmacy. She had previous experience working in a pharmacy when she came to HHM. She loves to share the Good News of the Gospel to patients. She motivates the other employees in prayer at lunch time frequently. We are glad to have another capable worker in the pharmacy where we give out medications to so many who are in need.
Our Staff

Henock Gedeon

Everyone that comes to our clinic knows Henock. He is the one that finds the charts and puts them away. He fills in at the reception desk or weighing patients when needed. He helps pour syrups or count pills in the pharmacy. He takes out the trash and sweeps the floors and helps pick up trash in the yard. In other words, he is some of the oil that makes the clinic run smoothly. He helps people that have needs find an answer and does it with a smile on his face and never a harsh word.
Our Staff

Dr. Clemence Fervil

Dr. Fervil has worked with Dr. Wilkins since his days at Bonne Fin. She did an apprenticeship with him in family practice at Hopital Lumiere. Clemence then came to work with us at our current location. She did a state sponsored community service year and then returned to us to minister Christ's love through medical care. She loves to share the Gospel message with and pray for her patients.
Our Staff

Dr. Yvenet Mainviel

Dr. Yvenet Mainviel was the staff physician at the HHM clinic when we arrived to begin ministry there. He had been the staff doctor for several years at the clinic working 3 days a week. He graduated from the Lumiere Medical school and is a general medical doctor. He now works alongside us full time serving his Haitian people.
Our Staff

Ketlie Jean Pierre

Miss Ketlie is a laboratory technician trained in Haiti. She has also received post graduate training by Dr. Tim Randolf, a laboratory science professor at the St. Louis University, who visits us annually to help improve the quality of work done in the lab. Her testing is essential in our diagnosis of patient disease processes.
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