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The HHM pharmacy delivers medication to all those visiting the clinic that need prescriptions or non prescription medications.  They also sell medications to patients that arrive with prescriptions from outside clinics.  Those that are consulting at HHM will receive their essential medications regardless of ability to pay for them.

Christian Aide Ministries (CAM)

CAM collaborates with HHM to provide free medications when our patients cannot afford to purchase the medications HHM has bought for them.   When our patients do not have sufficient funds our pharmacy technicians exchange the medications for a free one from CAM.  CAM makes deliveries once a month of not only medications but also medical supplies that are essential to the clinic’s operation.  This aide helps to keep our prices low for all of our patients as well as decrease the deficit that HHM incurs monthly as a result of caring for the poor of Haiti that cannot pay.  CAM also donates Christian literature in the form of monthly magazines that have  Bible and health lessons in Haitian Creole as well as health education literature such as cholera prevention.

Our Pharmacy Technicians

Wuilson Sanon is a pharmacy technician that trained under a US pharmacist for several years while working at Hopital Lumiere and Grace Children’s Hospital.  Mis Marie Feda Saint Fort is a nurse that had previous pharmacy training in her previous job.  They work together to fill multiple prescriptions for most of our patients.  Since we see an average of 130 patients per day this adds up to a lot of work.  Many of our short-term non-medical helpers count meds for pre-packed monthly prescriptions for those with chronic illnesses.  The clinic averages about 150,000  pills, syrups, or creams sold per month in addition to those given away free from donations.  When we have pharmacists visit we work to improve our methods and learn more about the medications we provide.