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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Jennifer Rogan Philogene is our prenatal consultant.  She sees all of our pregnant clients and consults with one of the other doctors when there are complications.  Dr. Wilkins usually performs a sonogram at some point in the pregnancy to determine correct dates.  Jenn follows the patients up to delivery when she refers them to a local hospital for labor and delivery.

Prenatal Complications

Preeclampsia is a common complication of pregnancy among Haitian women.  They develop high blood pressure, swelling, and spill protein in their urine.  Jenn monitors each patients for signs of this condition monthly.  If they develop the telltale signs they will consult more frequently.  Sometimes they require early delivery to prevent seizures which are very dangerous for both mother and child.

Diabetes is another common occurrence in pregnancy here.  We manage them on oral hypoglycemics and insulin if needed up to delivery and following if necessary.   Babies of diabetic mothers need special attention after birth.  They can also become large and requre Caesarian section for delivery.

We also see  high percentage of twins in our practice.  These often deliver early and require vigilance during the pregnancy.

Following delivery our patients return to us for follow up, breast feeding training, and pediatric care with Sally Todd our pediatric nurse practitioner.