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Dec 20

September-December 2013

September-December 2013

Clinic Progress

 From September to December we saw much progress on the clinic building.  The roof went from bare trusses to being covered with wood, plastic and then steel.  The floor was tiled, grouted and trimmed.  The windows were installed.  The walls were painted.  Doors were trimmed.  Security bars and doors were made.


We had several doctors visit us this fall.  Drs. Chris Campagnari, John Hines, and Suzanne Ozbun came for 1,2, ad 3 weeks respectively in September-October.  They helped us treat many we could not have seen without their aid.   We so enjoyed their fellowship during their stays as well.  Marie Daly’s brother Dr. Ed Daly also came later on with his nephews who helped in the clinic and construction.   What an encouragement that was.  We also had many construction teams who helped us.  Some came from neighboring ministries who partner with us and they helped us accomplish much.  One team shared Jesus with our patients.  They prayed with and counseled those in need.  We were blessed again this year to have Dr. Arch Woodard return to help us close the clinic out in December.  It helps Jenn when Jim leaves a week early for the HHM board meeting in the US.   These volunteers encourage us and our patients with their willingness to come.

Dr. Suzanne Ozbun

New Interns

 Aleece Diaz arrived in August to work in our clinic for 2 months.  She ended up staying for 4!  She is a self starter and hard worker who picked things up rapidly.  Then Emily Hughes, a nurse who will be with us a year arrived in September, and Aleece helped train her.  Emily will train a new nurse after we get moved into the new clinic building hopefully in February.  We loved having their help in many small and large tasks.

Emily Hughes


This year HHM had a booth at the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville.  Amanda Lehman and Philip Stevens joined Jim and Sandy as they recruited for many positions that will be opening up for missionaries.  Specific positions we are hoping to fill are:  handyman, another US or Canadian trained M.D., a sonographer/X-ray technician, a pharmacist who could come for 6 months, and an administrator.

House progress

The newest mission house is moving right along.  The walls went up, were plastered, and painted.  The trusses were made by James Gray and his friend Thom along with a team from Reach Global.  The roof was covered with plywood and then felt and steel.  The patio was covered.  The tile is in and grouted and the doors are hung.

Trusses being built.

Roof being finished.

Christmas Party and Farewell to Teresa Price

 At our annual Christmas party we enjoyed eating with our staff as we celebrated the holiday season.  Our staff always enjoy this event.  This year we said farewell to Teresa Price, our physician’s assistant who has been with us for 6 years.  We will miss her tremendously but God is already meeting our needs by sending us Marie and Emily and Sally this year.  Please pray for Teresa as she transitions to life in the US.

L-R: Jim Wilkins, Ryan & Teresa Price, Price children, Sandy Wilkins.

Special Patients

This fall we had several patients that captured our hearts.  Rebecca a young girl of 11 years came in with a tumor in her sinuses.  It had pushed her eye out further than normal and was threatening her eye as well as brain.  After a CT scan, God sent a visiting pediatric ENT surgeon to another ministry who was willing to tackle cleaning it out.  She returned after surgery looking great!

Another patient we saw was Mikenson.  He is a young man who was shot in the back several weeks earlier and was paralyzed from the waist down.  He had several physical problems that needed addressed, but you can imagine the challenge of beginning a life paralyzed in a country like Haiti.  In addition to helping his physical condition we were able to share Christ with him.  He readily accepted Jesus as his Lord and began a new life in Christ.  We were able to make contact with Operation Blessing in Port au Prince who gives wheelchairs to handicapped people.  The next time he came in we were pleased to find he had been reading the Bible we gave to him as well as praying.  We gave him the new wheelchair that we had gotten for him, showed him how to take care of it and how to move it.  After the lesson I told him he could go wherever he wanted now.  He got a big smile as he backed his wheelchair into a shady spot.

Roselandie was a baby who arrived in a very malnourished condition.  At 4 months of age she weighed less than 4 pounds.  Her mother like so many had not breast fed and did not have the means to buy baby formula.  We worked with her mother for a week but she did not gain weight so we asked Sue Witt to take her for a short time.  In 10 days she gained 1.1 lbs and 1/2″ and learned how to drink from a bottle.  We are praying that once the crisis is over she can return to her own mom in Leogane.  We will strive to get her involved in a malnutrition program closer to her home in Leogane.

Praise & Prayer

1.  Praises for the many blessings God has sent to us this Fall.  Progress in construction, new help, partners who helped us care for our patients and do construction.  Praise God for helping over 31,500 patients this year and leading 70 of them to Christ.

2.  Please pray that we can finish the clinic sufficiently to move in February 20, 2014.  We have several teams coming in January to help us achieve this.  Please pray for the logistics in handling multiple teams, getting all the materials for electric, plumbing, and carpentry work to be done.    Pray that all will remain safe during these busy weeks ahead.

3.  Above all, help us in praying that Christ would be exalted by our words, actions, and testimonies.

John 1:3-5  All things came into being through Him and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.  In Him was life and the life was the Light of men.  The Light shines in the darkness.