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Oct 31

September-October 2016

September-October 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew because it was much further away did very little damage to our compound.  Part of this is due to the decreased wind speed which was likely around 50 mph.  The rest is because of the excellent planning and construction that went into building the new HHM clinic grounds.  Our roofs were well built and tied down structurally and we did not even lose any of the tin or solar panels.  We had 2 trees broken off and 2 that were uprooted.  We were able to save those that were uprooted because they were small.  Of course we are off the “grid” so we didn’t have any national power issues.  Our electrical lines are all buried so there were no lines down and we had electricity through out the storm.  Our Internet was down due to national Internet issues.  God chose the land and it does NOT flood no matter how much rain we receive.  Those around us did receive more damage and many of the more poorly constructed Haitian houses were flooded or lost roofing.  The South/West is where the catastrophic damage occurred and we were glad to be able to contribute to those doing relief work out that direction.  HHM partnered with Kelly Crowdis, a vet, who was able to help with roofing/tarps, water filtration, food, and replanting of fruit trees.  She will of course help bring in livestock when the time is right as well.  We also were able to contribute funds from our donors to a clinic in a small town near Jeremie, to a church plant in another small town in that region, and to SEED ministries which is an agricultural ministry that will help the farmers begin planting as soon as possible to help feed local people.  The partnerships between Christian organizations all working together have been amazing!


Guerby has been in our practice for several years.  He suffers from sickle cell anemia and had a bad valve in his heart.  We was on the list to have heart surgery but his passport got stuck/lost in Immigration for months.  When it came out he had passed his 18th birthday.  Our main outlet for heart surgery is the Cayman Islands right now.  They do not accept adults, only children 🙁  However Haiti Cardiac Alliance formed a new partnership with Baylor University Medical Center where heart surgery was pioneered  by Dr. DeBakey.   Guerby was the first patient they accepted from Haiti for surgery there.  He had surgery 3 weeks ago and has had some problems with excess fluid in his heart as well as gall bladder disease (due to Sickle cell anemia) following surgery.  Thank you for praying for Guerby!

New Receptionist – Landy

In August our receptionist, Keren, took a leave of absence to visit a friend in the US.  She liked it so much she decided to stay.  We asked Bos Tingue who helped us build the new compound if he had another receptionist in mind for us.  He sent Landy our way.  She lives nearby and is a very cheerful employee.  She helps out wherever she can and is always smiling.  I love to hear her say, “Have a good day” as she sends the patients to be weighed.

Ed’s Dining Hall Improvement and Audio Visual System

Ed surprised us all a few weeks ago with a decorative railing at the guesthouse.  It is actually to keep us all from falling off the small drop, but is very attractive as well.  He used old discarded metal work from windows to make them.  Welding was not his forte when he first came to HHM, but he is learning to do a great job.  He also got the sound and video system that Philip Stevens designed for the clinic up and running.  Every morning at 6:30 I unlock the clinic and turn on some lovely instrumental Christian music to encourage those waiting.  After we finish calling the first round of patients to be registered, Landy turns on the video system to a film on the Bible as well as the JESUS film.  There are also some health messages as well.   It helps our patients to pass the time in a productive way.


In September when Jenn was in the US we were blessed to have our daughter and 2 others fill in for her.  In addition to our daughter, Amanda we had Michelle and Debi volunteer to come.  It was a good visit, lots of fun, and such a help seeing all the prenatal and chronic wound care patients who Jenn follows.

2 Preemies Born at the Clinic

Just after the hurricane went through one of our prenatal patients arrived in labor at 35 weeks.  The baby was also breech and when Jim checked to see how far along she was there were little feet dangling out of the cervix.  The air ambulance was out west helping with hurricane emergencies and could not make it back in time.  The delivery went well and mom and baby went home without hospitalization.  A few days later another mom arrived ready to deliver and when baby arrived he was only 30-32 weeks along.  This little one had respiratory distress from the beginning.  The helicopter crew made it out but this little guy didn’t have a chance.  We are so grateful that we have hope in Christ and that we can offer that hope to those in need.

A Malnourished Baby with Sepsis in Trouble

Little Dalia arrived at the clinic weighing 4 1/2 pounds.  In addition to her malnutrition she had severe anemia and sepsis (a serious blood infection).  The helicopter was not available but a US based ground ambulance out of Port offered to help once we had gotten permission to admit at St. Damien’s the Catholic Children’s hospital in Port.  HERO is a newer ambulance group and really work hard to help folks in need.  They drove out in rush hour traffic and met us at Mariani to take the baby to town arriving well after dark.  So good to have another group with whom to work.

Jacmel Surgical Clinic with CCH – Community Coalition for Haiti

On October 23 we participated in a surgical clinic that comes to Jacmel to do surgeries there.  Our patients receive their surgery for free!  We sent 16 surgical patients as well as 24 to consult.  Because we had so many patients going (along with 1 family member) we counted on neighboring ministries to help us with vehicles.  What a blessing our friends are to us!  The patients were for plastic, gynecological, and general surgery.  Because we had 2 days worth we counted on a pastor in Jacmel to help house the patients overnight for 2 nights.  Pastor Ewal Duplessy whom we knew from Bonne Fin agreed to see if he could find places for them to sleep.  God has us all working together to to bring forth fruit to the glory of His Son, Jesus’ Name.

HCA (Haiti Cardiac Alliance) Clinic at HHM

Finally, on the last day of October we hosted a clinic for HCA so they can consult primarily our cardiac patients, but also others in this area west of Port.  These are the folks that work to coordinate most of the heart surgeries in Haiti.  They send children all over the world via different donor groups to get their hearts fixed.  HHM is the only clinic where they see these kids outside of the 2 major medical centers in the country.  We saw 45 kids and adults with the 2 cardiologists who came.  We are thankful for the window of opportunity for these kids to find healing we rarely saw in our early days in Haiti.

Prayer Requests

1.  Praise God for all the partners who come alongside to help us meet the needs of our patients.

2.  Pray for the HHM board meeting the beginning of November.

3.  Praise God for his protection of HHM during the hurricane.

4.  Pray for God to send long term workers to help at HHM especially to replace Jim and Sandy in the years to come.

John14:12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.



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  1. November 1, 2016
    Enjoyed the news letter. You are doing a wonderful job. I hope that I get the opportunity to work with you again. Please put me on your volunteer call list. Remembering you in my prayers. Michele Reply
  2. November 2, 2016
    Thank your Lord for your protection and provision. Grant wisdom, discernment to the board as they meet. LOrd prompt those whom you want to be the long term workers at HHM to be obedient. Grant Jim aND Sandy strength and continued grace as they minister in Haiti. In that name above all names, Jesus. Reply

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