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Wound Care
Dec 2

Wound Care

Wound Care

Jenn Rogan is our wound care specialist at the clinic.  Because we have a high volume of diabetic patients in our practice we tend to see many chronic wounds.  Jenn uses a system involving wrapping with a gauze that has been impregnated with zinc oxide.  After cleaning out each wound, she wraps the gauze and then follows that with a clean elastic bandage.  Many of these ulcers take months to heal due to poor circulation in these patients.

Jenn also sews up small lacerations.  The larger injuries usually go to Dr. Wilkins.  Although not an emergency room we do frequently see small vehicular accidents resulting in injuries.

Another common problem during the hot seasons is abscess formation.  We often do 1 or more incision and drainage of abscesses per day at the height of the season.  These usually heal quickly with drainage and antibiotics.