Medical Personnel

We always need more health care providers. It is rare that we are able to see every person who shows up at our clinic, simply because we don't have enough staff to see them all. 


We are looking for a Western educated general practitioner to work alongside Dr. Jim and eventually take over as the Head Physician. 

Clinic Administrator

We are looking for someone to train as administrator and eventually take over the responsibility full-time.

Pharmacy Educator

We would love to have a pharmacist or pharmacy technician to come for
6 months or longer to help us better educate our national workers and improve services.

full-time building and grounds manager

We are looking for a full-time building and grounds manager capable of maintaining everything on the grounds. An expertise in all phases of repair and maintenance is not necessary but a general handiness in working with tools, knowledge of principles of plumbing, electrical, and structural issues is helpful. A willingness to research and learn new things is a must. We can always find knowledgeable people in our volunteer base and contacts who can help to trouble shoot and solve problems on the grounds.

Poor Fund

We pay for the medications and supplies of those who cannot afford them. NO ONE is turned away due to inability to pay. Consequently, there is a deficit of several thousand dollars monthly to help meet the need. You can help meet this need by designating your donation for the "Poor Fund."

Supplies we always need

  • Bandaids (especially 2×4")

  • ACE non adhesive elastic bandages (2,3,4,6")

  • ReliOn glucose strips (Confirm, Micro, Ultima) from Wal-Mart

  • pens

  • cotton balls

  • alcohol wipes

  • lancets

  • small medication baggies

  • non absorbable suture (4,5,6-0)

  • absorbable suture (4-0)

  • betadine swabs

  • scalpel blades (11,15)

  • zinc oxide rolled gauze (unna boots)

  • transpore medical tape

  • surgical towels

  • chux

  • menstrual pads

  • gauze (sterile or non).